Rose & Thistle

Floral Design Studio

Flowers for weddings and events in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Kentucky, and destinations.  Flower arranging workshops for the public and for private groups.


Who we are

Rose & Thistle is a luxury floral design studio specializing in weddings, corporate events, house parties, and other celebrations.

Elizabeth Hemphill is the Creative Director of Rose & Thistle.  Having spent her life immersed in the worlds of art, design, food, and wine, Elizabeth brings a unique multidisciplinary approach to working with flowers. She graduated with honors from Scripps College with a degree in Studio Art, attended the Professional Program in Interior Design at the University of California Los Angeles, earned her Certified Wine Professional credential at the Culinary Institute of America, and became a Certified Floral Designer at the Floral Design Institute prior to completing the European Master Certification Program. Her extensive experience making interior design decisions and planning high-end wine events informs her work as a floral and event designer in invaluable ways. Elizabeth loves to create highly curated designs that complement every element of an event or space, ensuring that the total experience is greater than the sum of its parts. In addition to designing floral and event elements, she is also available to consult on wine and food pairings for her clients. Her appreciation for tradition and ritual as well as her love of travel, exploration, and other cultures inspire Elizabeth to employ a diverse range of design styles. Her other passions include animal welfare, wildlife conservation, and all things British.  When she's not working with flowers, she is most likely wrangling her Basset Hound, enjoying her farm with her husband, and cooking something delicious.